This brief assessment questionnaire will help you quantify your organization's agile culture, while reading the results report will give you a good insight into how Systemic Agility works.

This is a self-reported assessment and should be treated as such; the actual assessment conducted by AccelerationLab SA. involves all members of the organization using a broader and more in-depth questionnaire useful in providing precise and accurate maps of the organization's agile culture.

This brief assessment is free of charge, and an e-mail address will be requested at the end of the questionnaire to share the results.


Xavier Bronlet
Managing Partner AccelerationLab SA


Operating Notes

Data collected will be treated confidentially and used for research purposes only. Results will be presented in aggregate and anonymity will be guaranteed during and after the study.

In many of the questions, you will be asked to respond by placing a slider between two statements, depending on which one most meets your approval. All fields are mandatory and you must give an answer to continue with the questionnaire.

Using a PC to fill out the questionnaire:

  • if you fully agree with either statement, place the cursor on the extreme next to the statement that meets your full agreement,
  • if you agree with a statement but not fully, place the cursor on one of the intermediate positions,
  • if you disagree with the two statements or if they are both valid, place the cursor in the middle.

Using a tablet or smartphone:

  • placing the cursor to the left corresponds to fully agreeing with the statement above,
  • placing the cursor to the right corresponds to fully agreeing with the statement below,
  • placing the cursor in the center allows you to express a neutral opinion about the two statements presented.

When you reach the end of the survey, remember to click on the "Save"button to record your responses. You will also be able to view your responses in an interpretive framework.

If the session is interrupted before the information you provided is properly saved, all of your answers will be lost. Also, the questionnaire does not support Internet Explorer: please use a recent browser such as MS-Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.